Master Plumbing LIC # 12770
​Hvac LIC # 2315


Somerset Plumbing started as a kid with a dream to be a plumber, following in the footsteps of his respected relatives. I started from the ground up, working in a small family owned supply house that catered to homeowners with plumbing issues before Home Depot was opened in NJ. Every week I would see hundreds of different faucet, piping and toilet parts.

I would here all the stories of how contractors took advantage of them, never called back, never showed up, leaving some in complete despair. As I often repaired their broken parts at the counter, I promised that one day I would get my apprenticeship and license to make the repairs myself in their homes. I have since worked on every kind of commercial and residential plumbing job before opening up my own shop: Somerset Plumbing, LLC.

Somerset Plumbing understands that more finesse and communication is required to handle the challenging plumbing projects of today. The modern material of today is made cheaper and lighter. Most jobs are too fast and understaffed. Real craftsmanship is slowly depleting in our fast paced world. We understand with proper training and planning that efficiencies are made to allow for a quality installation while keeping cost down. That is why we use honest upfront pricing. Our customers know exactly how much they are going to pay. No "bait and switch" and no surprise price changes.