Master Plumbing LIC # 12770
​Hvac LIC # 2315


Service call- $40.00 Min Charge.

$125.00 per hr to search for leaks.

All Prices are Flat Rate. 

Please review sample Flat Rate Pricing on installing customer supplied fixtures:

Kitchen Faucet- $260

Bath Faucet-  $220 

Toilet Install (remove and dispose of existing)- $280

Replace existing hose bib with Frost free- $260  (includes frost free hose bib)

Snake / Drain Cleaning (sink, tub, shower) $40.00 service call plus $189 (pipe replacement not included)

Replace existing sump pump with 1/3 Hp- $ 450 (includes check valve and sump pump)

Clear toilet- $149 (toilet removal if required is not included) * Does not include clearing main line blockage

Natural Gas Water Heaters :

Rheem, AO Smith or Bradford White- Remove and dispose of existing

50 Gallon- $1,250

40 Gallon- $1,200

Flue upgrade- $150

Located in Basement add-$125

Located in Closet add-$200

Add new ball valve- $80.00

Add new expansion tank- $85

Bonding Jumper- $30

24" drain Pan (piping if required is extra)- $45